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From:     brian gute <bgute@?.???.edu>
Date:     Fri, 14 Oct 1994 13:23:39 -0500 (CDT)
Subject:  Re: Sigil/Crash and Burn
> Hcarth wrote:
> > but since even artifacts are rendered useless outside the city walls,
> anyone
> > flying out of the city would crash and burn.
>      Hmm ... then how do people get to the other planes?  Can't they just
> walk out of the city and to another place?  If so, when does magic become
> "active" again - when you have 'officially' left the concordant?

Hi, I'm new to the list, but familiar with planescape.  What you seem to
be missing is the structure of Sigil.  Sigil is a city on the inside of a
doughnut-shaped ring, and only on the inside.  It is centered around the
spire that is the exact center of the concordant - now known as the Outland.

The only way to go to Sigil is through a magica portal, the city is just
lousy with them.  Even to get to Sigil from the concordant itself, one
must go through a portal to the city.  So, even if you got a spelljammer
onto the concordant (somehow) you wouldn't be able to get to Sigil, due
to both the nature of the concordant and the nature of the city.

As a digression, all magic works within the confines of the city.  I
believe that that makes it an extremely unique place on the concordant.
Sigil is kind of like the World Serpent Inn of the planes.  Its a neutral
stomping ground where even devas and baatezu will tolerate each other.
The reason for this is that The Lady of Pain, the 'governess'?? of Sigil
will not allow them to get out of hand, and believe me, she has the power
to do it.

Last word about portals, the concept behind portals in planescape is that
they are the fastest way from point a to point b on an infinite plane.
Without at least some use of portals, the idea of adventuring on the
outer planes is kind of useless - how do you find what you need on an
infinitely large plane.

Brian Gute

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Month Index: October, 1994

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