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From:     "Richard J. Pugh" <rjp3@???????.edu>
Date:     Wed, 12 Oct 1994 12:28:56 -0400
Subject:  Re: Flarespace (repost)
Hi folks.  This is the Flarespace thread, or at least a good portion of it.
 This is a "quick and dirty" repost.  No editing has been done.


From: Joseph_DuBois.WBST102A@?????.com
Subject: New Sphere Thread (Flarespace)
Date: Tue, 8 Mar 1994 12:19:03 -0500

Well met Jammers,
   I thought that since Terraspace went so well that we might want to start
another sphere?

Sphere: Flarespace

Climate: The wildspace is unusally warm compared to other spheres.  This is
caused by the shooting of the flares (See Flareshooter)

Constalations: The stars on the outer walls of the sphere are not permament.
They fade out after several years of burning. Thus Navigation is very hard
in flarespace. Only by navigating with the stationary celestial bodies can
one know where he/she is going.

Planet: Flareshooter (Sun) (Primary)
Makeup: Fire
Size: D
Rotation: None (Not noticable)
Orbit: None  (Inner track center)
Notes: Every 10d100 days the primary planet shoots a small commet (flare)
out from its surface towards the sphere shell. Upon reaching the shell the
flare imbeds itself into the surface creating a new star.   Anything that
comes within 1 hex (outer map [4 days]) must save versus fire or burn.  The
flares travel at an SR of 10 racing towards the outer shell. The flares
never seem to hit any of the current planets, but many times come close
enough to cause major damage to the surface.  Several of the planets are
totally burned on one side due to flares passing by them at close

Planet: Vinity
Makeup: Dead Infinity Vine
Size: B
Rotation: Clockwise
Orbit: None   (Outer Track 12)
Notes: Vinity is a living planet made up of Dead Infinity Vines.  It seems
to have reached its maximum size because it has not grown since the first
Unhuman War.  It is rummored that there is a solid earth object at the
center of the Infinity Vines. Several Outposts exist on the surface of the
vines. Other plant forms have started to grow from the infinity vines
creating a breathable atmosphere. The elves have the most extensive outpost
here that burrows deep into the surface of the vines.

Add planets to this sphere if you want! I would like to keep it around 8

From: rjp3@???????.edu (Richard J. Pugh)
Subject: Flarespace: Gallia port.


Not exactlly a world but a moon!  sort of...

Gallia Port

Gallia is the shell of a long dead gammaroid that orbits Vinity.  The
assupmtion is that at one point in history the gammaroid ate part of the
infinity vine as a snack and shortly died of some horrid disease that the
vine was carrying at the time.  The organic remains of the gammaroid have
long since decomposed, so that only the shell remains.

During the First Inhuman War, Gallia was used as a humanoid base, but it
was abandoned after the elves forced the humanoids from the sphere.  The
elves used the inside of the shell as a shipyard for a while, but when the
infinity vine on the planet below stopped growing, they shifted their
shipbuilding to better equipped locations on the planet itself.

In the last few centuries, Gallia has become a floating marketplace.  The
"head" end of the shell is used as a spelljammer port, where ships can
enter and unload their wares.  The "tail" third of the shell is a bussling
array of shops, bazars, and "street vendors." Merchants from Vinity and in
fact the entire sphere come here to peddle their goods, and traders from
other spheres often make Gallia their first stop in Flarespace.  Sort of a
"farmer's market" in space.

Since the merchants using the "booths" in the bazar change so much, it
would be hard to describe the overall nature of the commercial traffic.
Sometimes it's honest, other times it's devious beyond measure.

The more permanent shops line the walls of the shell itself, and the people
who work there live in the honneycombed tunnels and chambers of the great
shell.  These shops include taverns, hotels, spelljamming services, and
offices for the port administrators, several of the major spelljamming
organizations, and the more prominent Flarespace merchants.

The elven navy has a very week presence around Vinity and Gallia,
consisting of one garrason and two old man-o-war.  In fact they are only
interested in preventing local wars.  When an unsavory business deal is
going on at Gallia, the elves are very good at "overlooking things."

On a related note, where should Flarespace be in relation to the "Known
Spheres?"  Anyone want to try that one?

Come to think of it, where is Terraspace...?  Hmmm...


From: Joseph_DuBois.WBST102A@?????.com
Subject: Flarespace
Date: Thu, 10 Mar 1994 13:14:47 -0500

Jammers, a new planet in Flarespace

Planet: McCur
Makeup: Water
Size: D
Rotation: Clockwise
Orbit: Clockwise   (Outer Track 6)
Notes: McCur is a fresh water body planet that is filled with life. On the
surface great patches of seaweed grow extending a few meters below the
surface. Many races live on and below these patches of seaweed.  On the
underside of the seaweed the darkness offers great protection for smaller
fish to hide in, while on the top side of the seaweed, many civilized races
have created floating platforms that rest on the seaweed.  The most
prominent of these is the seaport, Coldwater named after the founder a
pirate called ColdBlood (See below).  Under the surface live many races of
sea dwellars. The mermen have floating cities the float hundreds of feet
below the surface, but still in reach of the sunlight          that
penetrates the planet. There is know know land bodies in or on the entire
planet. Whenever a flare passes close to the planet it causes a lot of the
surface to evaporate into the atmosphere causing mass rain storms to
follow. The evaporation also causes tidal waves to race around the surface.
Most of these quickly subside before they cause too much damage, but every
once in a while a flare that is close enough will cause tidal waves that
destroy most  of the platforms. Being familiar with spelljamming many of
the inhabitants are able to leave well before any such disaster occurs,
then returning to start build
again. McCur has a large export of sea food to the rest of the sphere. And
have saved entire planets when a flare destroys its eco system by supply
food and water. The water seems to replenish itself (there is no known size
decrease of the planet over time), and some speculate that a portal to the
plane of water is located somewhere deep in the core of the planet. Many
sages have tried to find the portal, but most either don't return or return
empty handed.

Colwater is a platform city on the planet McCur. Founded many hundreds of years
ago as a pirates haven, it has now turned into a seat of power in the sphere.
Because of all the food exports and water exports, many of wealthy
merchants have set up shop.  They have even created a Guild that protects
the planet from other planets setting up platforms to help themselves. This
way all (or most) of the trade of goods can be taxed and controlled. The
current lord over Colwater is a human named Martin Clor.  A fighter (pirate
turn to politics) that keeps a strong hold on the valuable resources of the
 planet. They have 12 hammer ships ready to ward off newcommers that try to
build platforms on the surface. They have also modified several eel ships
that are totally water tight that can submerge below the surface.  When
attacking a new platform the eel ships drop below the surface and attack
while the hammer ships press from the air. Almost any type of marine life
can be purchased in McCur either dead or alive.

From: rjp3@???????.edu (Richard J. Pugh)
Subject: SPJ-L: Flarespace, Merbian
Date: Tue, 15 Mar 1994 08:34:59 -0500

Hi folks.

On the way to work I had an idea for Flarespace...

World: Merbian
Type:  Torus earth body (see below)

Merbian is, in planetology terms, a torus world (doughnut shaped).  At
least, that's how it started out.

Several millenia ago, Merbian was invaded by some evil race from the lower
planes (which one is the GM's choice).  The natives fought back very well,
but the exchange of magic and psionic power altered the geological
structure of the planet. In a relatively short time, Merbian "flattened
out," almost to the point of being a ring or ribbon, and twisted on itself.
Today, the planet has the look of a Merbia strip, hense the name.

While the invasion resulted in an alteration of the planet, it also altered
the people who live there.  The natives of Merbian tend to have strange
magical and/or psionic abilities, and the creatures that live there are
even stranger.  (More on that in a minute)

The climate on Merbian is warm and dry, but quite liveable, and all
terrains (except arctic conditions) are present somewhere.  Were it not for
the natives, Merbian would be a good place to visit.  The various bands of
humans, demi-humans, and humanoids tend to raid one another on a regular
basis, looking for supplies and especially magical items.  Magic in any
form is highly prized.  Clans go to war over a single scroll, just so their
wizard would have a spell that the neighbors don't.

(Mad Max, AD&D style)

Something like a spelljamming helm would attract the attention of every
native within 100 miles.  For this reason, the Spelljammer's Aid Society
has placed Merbian under a "red zone."  I.e.: don't go there.

But of course, people do.

For populating the place, take some of the creatures from Gamma World, and
use them here.  The critters from Dark Sun may be too harsh for the planet
- most of the magical resources are gone, remember - but as an occasional
plot twist, why not?

I admit this is half-baked, but what the heck.
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