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From:     Joseph Delisle <jd@?????.net>
Date:     Tue, 11 Oct 1994 16:04:23 -0400 (EDT)
Subject:  Re: SpellJammer NetBook
In a previous message, Skreyn@???.com said...
> 1.  Rop Repp has stated that they're going to be announcing a policy
> of never using material that was previously published to the net.
> While most may not believe him, I've spoken with the guy and I
> believe he is telling the truth about this.

        I don't think he is lying, BUT I'll believe it when I see the
legalese (and the 'Net tears it apart, line by line).

> 2.  TSRE doesn't care.  To them, SJ is dead.  I sent them some email
> asking about the fate of the SJ list and our archives (this was before
> the "one true site" and all that), and they never answered.  There
> is no point in researching a gaming line that wasn't making enough
> money while it was active.

	Well... that might be true, or it might not. I've heard that
TSR has to produce material for systems once every so-many years, or
it loses its copyright, trademark, or something. That's why Gamma
World, Metamorphosis Alpha, etc have made a comeback -- TSR is
protecting its rights. I don't know if this applies only to game
systems, or individual worlds, or what. So it's possible SJ could make
a comeback. Then again, this is all hearsay.

> >What is to stop from charging access to people who wish to use
> >our
> Easy - they won't know we have made it, they won't know where it is
> going to be stored, and they won't have a copy of it.  It will _not_
> be on - instead, it will be stored at Agena and/or my
> site ( and/or Jeremy Pemberton's.

	One thing the Robs(Repp and Miracle) have said is that you
cannot change the existing disclaimer, but you can add your own as
well. So underneat the disclaimer you could have a line saying
something along the lines of "Any site or organization holding this
file must grant free anonymous FTP access to the directory where the
file is stored, and may not charge any fees for the accessing or
downloading of this file."
	I'm not advocating using MPGNet, I'm just letting everyone
know our options. (On a side note, I'm working on some... interesting
disclaimer additions.)

Joe Delisle

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Month Index: October, 1994

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