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From:     Skreyn@???.com
Date:     Tue, 11 Oct 94 12:35:58 EDT
Subject:  Re: SpellJammer NetBook
Matthew "Broderick" Harelick asked:
>What is to prevent T$R from taking what we have created and incorporating
>it into something for profit?

Well, two reasons:
1.  Rop Repp has stated that they're going to be announcing a policy
of never using material that was previously published to the net.
While most may not believe him, I've spoken with the guy and I
believe he is telling the truth about this.
2.  TSRE doesn't care.  To them, SJ is dead.  I sent them some email
asking about the fate of the SJ list and our archives (this was before
the "one true site" and all that), and they never answered.  There
is no point in researching a gaming line that wasn't making enough
money while it was active.

>What is to stop from charging access to people who wish to use

Easy - they won't know we have made it, they won't know where it is
going to be stored, and they won't have a copy of it.  It will _not_
be on - instead, it will be stored at Agena and/or my
site ( and/or Jeremy Pemberton's.
Sean K Reynolds   a.k.a. Veggie Boy  skreyn@??????.com  skreyn@???.com
"You think you're so smart, but I've seen you naked,
"I'll probably see you naked again." 'Blame it on me', BareNaked Ladies

Previous Message: Re: MF, eyespace
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Month Index: October, 1994

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