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From:     BriBri SUPER-USER <jpembert@??????.??.???.??.cr>
Date:     Mon, 10 Oct 1994 21:02:44 -0600 (CST)
Subject:  Re: SpellJammer NetBook
Hi there all listmembers!
  Now most (I hope) of you know by now that we shall be creating a
SpellJammer Netbook, now I encourage that you post all relevant information
posible, the more we get the better Netbook it will be!
  To simplify the work of the netbook compilers, i use this last word as
creators would be incorrect, for all who contribute are the REAL creators,
well anyway, I suggest that all posts that are directed/realted to the
Netbook have the subject go something like: "NB: <subject>" this way we, the
compilers, can identify the post easier, and if there is some hocus pocus
guy who doesn't want to read the stuff until the netbook is out, he will be
able to hocus pocus the 'D' key.  However I do hope that there aren't people
like that cuz, to get the netbook to be really great we must have all which
will be included in it, commented as to corrections, etc. (i.e.  Comment all
you can on all that comes on the list).
  I came up with the idea that those of you who aren't computer maniacs, and
haven't put every single of your creations into your hard disk, or some well
kept floppy, then possibly you would like to use some blank ASCII forms to
fill in for posting things like; ships, races, MI, spells, etc.

  So lets get some NB posting done!

             OOO    OOO
           OOO        OOO        THE MIGHTY POWER OF THE PRIEST
             OOO    OOO          SHOULD NEVER BE QUESTIONED IF...
         OO    OOOOOO    OO
         OO     OOOO     OO      --------------------------------
               OOOOOO            Jeremy Pemberton
               OOOOOO               jpembert@???????.???.??.cr
              OOOOOOOO              jpembert@??????.??.???.??.cr
             OOOOOOOOOO          --------------------------------

After-thought: I'll make myself a different .sig for this SJNB thing.

Now I had to post this again today cuz I sent it the other day froma another
host from which I am not subscribed, so this might be kind of delayed,
However it gave me a chance to read Richard's letter:

> ISSUE #1:
> With this talk about net.books, has someone considered making a of
> space faring races?  I have an idea for a that gives brief
> descriptions of each race, a listing of their home world (if known), and
> perhaps some game machanics about the race, perhaps in a GURPS-compatible
> format (translation to other systems is a snap).  If any of you have ever
> looked at GURPS Aliens, that's similar to what I have in mind.

Oh yes, thats the whole idea, make a COMPLETE netbook, something to proud
of, not some iny miny little brochure-like thingy.

> ISSUE #2:
> Recently, someone expressed an interest in re-opening the Terraspace and
> Flarespace projects.  Does someone out there have copies of these things
> mounted on a gopher, www, or FTP server?  If so, please tell the list.  If
> nothing is said by the end of the week, I'll dig through my archives (mess
> that they are) and re-post the info.

Well after some revision maybe they could be included in the netbook. Just a

> ISSUE #3:
> There has also been talk about mixing Spelljammer and Planescape.  For you PS

I don't think that the right way to put it.  You see I agree with the
posibility that there be portals to other dimensions in spelljammer, however
apart from them being rare (very), it would be done as per normal adnd plane
travel, possibly allow the SJ ship to move around as the... what are they
called? uhm... well planejammers for now =), but mixing the actual rules
will be a pain in the ***, and will probably be more a mess than fun.

(No use putting the .sig file again right?)

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