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From:     beilby@??????.???.??.au
Date:     Sun, 9 Oct 1994 13:40:36 +1000 (EST)
Subject:  Re: Good book and SPJ monster source.
Hail Jammers,
   I read a good spelljamming related book a while ago, and thought I'd mention
it.  The book is:

    "Dragons on the Town", by Thorarinn Gunnarsson, publish by Ace Fantasy.

   Apart from having some really interesting varient dragons, it has a nifty
flying ship that is powered by whoever is at the wheel. (helm? :)
   During its travels, this ship at one stage, fly's into the hollow interior
of a the planet, filled with floating islands, each of which has its own
gravity...  This is also where they meet an empire that makes its ships look
like flying sharks... (Yes.  This is where the inspiration for my Tiger Shark
ship came from.)

   Anyway its a good book, well worth reading for itself, even if it wasn't
filled with good plot ideas for a SPJ adventure/campaign.

   On a similar note, I watched "Mutronics, the Movie" the other day, and it
had this interesting device called the guyver...

Note:  I'll be giving away some of the plot of the movie, so it you don't want
to have it spoiled, stop reading now.

  The guyver is apparently an artifact of a long gone race, which once
activated, provides a set of inpenitratable body armour, and boosts the
strength of the wearer.  The interesting thing about the guyver is that when
the hero of the story discoverers it, and activates it by accident, it covers
him with a set of insectile looking armour, with a large central eye, in his
now insectile looking face. (which we later discover is the weak point of the
  Sound familiar?  Well it gets better, when the hero figures out how to
deactivate the guyver, we find out that it is no longer a seperate entity, it
is now part of him.  (Down to the DNA level... :)  And then, at the big
climactic battle, when all seems lost, and the big bad guy, is about to rend
the hero and his love intrest into small messy pieces, the hero/guyver
combination, blasts the big bad guy into the middle of next week, with beams
of energy, from two glowing areas off his chest, that sections of armour had
folded back to reveal.  This action left him very weak, and he had trouble
even walking for a few minutes.  (have you guessed yet????)  Yes...  This I
figure was the inspiration (or should I say source) for the bionoids.
   Overall it wasn't that great a movie, but I quite enjoyed getting to see
a bionoid (oops I mean a guyver... :) in action.

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