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From:     Rebecca Glenn <iridian@??????.com>
Date:     Sat, 8 Oct 1994 15:25:00 -0700 (PDT)
Subject:  Re: Silth in Spelljammer Space
I posted something to the ADND-L a few days ago, in response to a request
for literary inspirations for gaming.

I thought I'd bring it up here to see if anyone had already done this:

Glen Cook is more well known for his Passage at Arms and (I think) the
Starfisher's Trilogy (don't flame me--i've only read one of his series
and this post is about it), but he has a lesser known trilogy called the
Darkwar Trilogy, which introduces a sentient race decended from canid
forebears. They are called Meth, and the tech on their homeworld ranges
from savages in the remote arctic lands to rocket technology held by the
brethren (one of the Powers). On the mystic side, there are the Silth,
female "witches" who control most of the power and the land (or at least,
did) The series opens up as political upheaval is brought on by rapid
cooling of the planet (it's passing through a thick dust cloud and the
rays from the sun aren't getting through as well as they ought).

What I think has potential for Spelljammer is their method of traversing
space. The Silth have what they call Darkships, which are similar to
crosses in shape and maybe 10-15' long (I'm not sure of this size, could
be larger). They use their witch-like powers of summoning and controlling
spirits to propell the craft through space. To survive in the void, they
drink this golden fluid, which surrounds them with a golden glow to keep
off the "breath of the all" as they call it. The speed of travel is
dependent on the strength of the "Mistress of the Ship," or the silth in
control of the ship. She also draws heavily or not so heavily on the
powers of other silth (called "Bath") on the Darkship. They could either
travel according to measurable speeds, or go into the "up and over" or
warp speed, I would say, to travel from star to star. They can't do this
if they're too close to a planet, they actually have to attain a certain
altitude before it's safe, and this altitude (outside of the atmosphere)
can vary according to the strength and daring of the Mistress.

Has anyone else out there heard of this series, and have you come up with
actual rules to include them?

I would be very interested in seeing such rules. If not, I may eventually
come up with them myself. I just need to find the time . . .

the reaper
iridian@??????.com and rebecca_glenn@???.com

                      "Across the Modem,
                       Around the LAN,
                       Through the Gateway,
                       Nothing but Net."

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