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From:     Skreyn@???.com
Date:     Sat, 08 Oct 94 16:06:21 EDT
Subject:  Re: Short Adventure #2
     OK, here's another adventure that I wrote, which I recently posted to
the list, w/o giving any monster stats.

     The Lizard-Men (a groundling adventure)
     A small town has been the victim of raids in the past few days.  Rather
than stealing women or gold, a group of three strange lizardmen have been
kidnapping young strong men from the town and nearby farms in the dark of
night (except for one night when they stole a goat, too).  Upon further
questioning, the party discovers that these "lizardmen" don't look much like
the lizardmen they have seen or heard about before - their heads are long
and triangular, and their limbs are long and thin.
     The next night, another young man is taken, but the boy's father
managed to stab one with a pitchfork before they got away (the farmer has a
limp & couldn't chase them).  Following the trail of the oddly bright orange
blood, they make way into the forest, where they find a spot where the
"lizardmen" have stopped to help their wounded companion.  The party should
manage to follow the tracks of the lizardmen to their lair, the ouside of
which (and both of the trails leading to it) have been trapped for
     Inside the lair are the "lizardmen."  Whenthe party first sees them
face-to-face, they should definitely realize that these are _not_ lizardmen
- they are too insect-like.  The bugmen (there are eight or so in the lair),
after a long fight, if they are losing, will grab a few of their prisoners
and flee down another tunnel.  Since there are other prisoners still tied
up, that should give the "lizardmen" time to run down the tunnel and
collapse it (it was rigged to fall in such a situation).
     Oddly enough, the prisoners were very well treated and fed, and none of
them were harmed.  The bugmen did not speak much to the prisoners, but
apparently were able to speak and understand the common tongue very well.
     OK, what actually is going on:
     A groundling wizard discovered a wrecked spelljamming ship, repaired
it, and took it into space.  Landing on the planet's moon, he met a race of
lizard-insectoids called the brakkar.  Charming and enslaving some of them,
he now sends them to the planet in a small ship (powered by a Furnace) to
collect treasure and young strong men and bring them back to his moon base,
where he has them fight in a gladiatorial arena.  The strongest ones will be
used to power his (larger, repaired) ship, which is powered by a Lifejammer.
 He then may try to pirate, attack a small country, or go to another sphere.
     The brakkar will return to raid the planet again, and in one of the
future times, the party should get into space.  Landing on the moon, they
will be approached by the uncharmed brakkar, and will be taken to their
queen, who will ask them to help stop the enslavement of her children by the
evil wizard.

     Wow, I got verbose again.  Sorry about that, folks - these were
supposed to be short.  Anyway, I have placed the stats on the brakkar after
my .sig.
Sean K Reynolds   a.k.a. Veggie Boy  skreyn@??????.com  skreyn@???.com
"You think you're so smart, but I've seen you naked,
"I'll probably see you naked again." 'Blame it on me', BareNaked Ladies

      Normal         Queen            Dark
AC    4              4                4
MV    12             2                12
HD    2              10               2
TT    M              Y                M
DMG   d4+1/d4+1/d4   d4+4/d4+4/3d6    d4+1/d4+1/d4
SA    None           See Below        None
SD    See below      See Below        See Below
MR    Standard       Standard         Standard
INT   Average        High             Average
AL    LN             LN               LE
SZ    M              L                M
XP    20+2           900+14           20+2

     Brakkar are a race distantly related to lizard men, looking like lizard
men except for their triangular heads, large scales, and long thin arms and
legs.  On closer inspection their arms and legs seem to have insect-like
joints.   They are a very orderly race, and all follow the directions of
their queen.  They are rather civilized, use tools, wear simple clothing,
and have a written language.  They live on the moon of the first planet of
[*******].  Considering weapons barbaric for combat, they will fight to
defend themselves and their queen, using their natural weapons.  They prefer
to live in large caves due to the requirements of their queen.  Brakkar have
more efficient metabolisms than most creatures their size, so they use only
half as much air.  Since they do not use weapons, they have devised ingenious
methods to trap prey.  Therefore all brakkar are able to set and detect
traps with 50% accuracy.  Working in concert, each brakkar above 3 adds 10%
to the effective level of their trap setting ability.  These traps are
normally used to trap game and quickly (and humanely) disable it, but they
are also often set up near their caves as protection.
     The queen brakkar is a huge bloated creature, with a swollen stomach
almost 5 feet in diameter.  Her main function is to lay the eggs that
perpetuate the species.  Her huge body is hard to move because her limbs are
only slightly larger than the males of her race, resulting in a move rate of
2.  If she is beleived to be in danger, all brakkar within one mile will
have +2 to hit until this danger is negated.  She herself has adequate
defenses to compensate for her near-immobility.  Her claws and teeth are
more effective than that or her children, and she can communicate
telepathically with any intelligent being within 10" of her.  This range is
a mile for members of her race.  She is also able to cast three cure light
wounds spells per day.
     Dark Brakkar are normal brakkar that have been enchanted by an evil
wizard.  They are not able to communicate with the queen, and their minds
have been corrupted in such a fashion that they become evil.  As such they
are very good servants, for they unhesitatingly obey the wizard as if he
were their queen.  This enslavement and corruption is achevied by giving a
brakkar a special potion while it is under the influence of a charm monster
spell.  The ingredients are not too rare, but amounts required and the time
and equipment needed boosts the production cost to 500 gp per potion.

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