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From:     Skreyn@???.com
Date:     Sat, 08 Oct 94 16:06:03 EDT
Subject:  Re: Short Adventure #1
     All right, to bring more activity to the list, and to start the ball
rolling for our new (or Rhyme III or The Legend of Veggie or
whatever), here's a small SJ adventure I've written.

     1.  The Beholders
     Somehow the party has gotten themselves a map (directions) to abandoned
dwarf citadel (in my game, the party traded their ship for a different ship
and the map).  I had the citadel in orbit in a small asteriod belt, making
it somewhat difficult to find.
     Eventually, the party finds the citadel (it's about 300 tons).
Expecting the place to be abandoned, the party is quiet surprised when three
ballista fire upon them from the outpost.
     Unbeknownst to the party (or the person who had the map before), a
beholder-ship was flying through this sphere, went too close to an
energy-body, and almost crashed.  The damage and heat trauma affected the
ship's Ultimate, driving it mad (!) and also affecting its genes (due to the
plastic nature of beholder DNA).  It crashed the ship into the outpost,
killing all of its crew (some pieces of her ship can be seen in orbit around
or resting against the citadel).  The Ultimate has since been attacking
whatever comes near the citadel, and has began birthing new beholders.
Because of her mutated DNA, her children are malformed, usually only having
a few functioning eyes, and they ones they have are often changed from the
     Some rooms I made up for the citadel: Forge, Landing Deck (for other
ships), Dawrf barracks (several rooms), kitchens, dining hall, ballista
rooms (several), food storage.
     All of the Ultimate's eyes work normally.  All of her children have a
functioning central eye.  A listing of the beholders and their various eyes:
     Fire trap, protection from normal missiles, flaming sphere, choke, slow
     Cause serious wounds, wizard lock, disintegrate (1 cubic foot), charm,
     Death ray, charm person, tentacles (sprout from victim & attack
victim), flesh to stone
     Slow, air to stone (rock falls on target's head for d4+1), charm
monster, telekinesis
     Cause serious wounds, magic missile (3 missiles), slow, fear, sleep,
charm person
     Cause serious wounds, feign death ray
     Charm person, create food & water, death ray, slow, fear
     Wall of fog, cause light wounds, charm person, death ray, telekinesis
     Telekinesis, disintegrate, death ray, haste, burning hands, fear
     Disintegrate, cause serious, slow, sleep, flesh to stone, death ray
     Charm person, sleep, fear, death ray
     Telekinesis, death ray, charm person
     Telekinesis, transmute metal to wood, fear, cause serious wounds
     Create food & water, cause serious wounds
     The beholders have also charmed 2 humans (one of them a 6th level
warrior, the other a 4th level theif), who will aid in battle (note that if
the warrior's charm is dispelled, he'll go back to attacking the beholder
that charmed him).
     I admit, there are a lot of beholders here, but in most cases the party
only encounters them two at a time.  Plus, because of their mutations, these
beholders aren't as smart as regular ones, and often will let people pass if
they are not attacked, and don't interfere with the beholder's task (i.e.,
the guy who is in charge of creating food won't let people touch the food,
the powerful one guarding the newest young won't let them be harmed, etc.).
All in all, it should be an interesting adventure, with a significant level
of risk.  The party will encounter some very strange effects ("Bob's dead."
[Ten minutes later]  "Bob, you're alive!  I thought you got hit by the Death
Ray!" "It was a Feign Death Ray, you dork.  Gimme my magic sword back.").
Sean K Reynolds   a.k.a. Veggie Boy  skreyn@??????.com  skreyn@???.com
"You think you're so smart, but I've seen you naked,
"I'll probably see you naked again." 'Blame it on me', BareNaked Ladies

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