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From:     Niall Hosking <884744ho@????.???????.??.uk>
Date:     Wed, 5 Oct 1994 18:36:12 +0100 (BST)
Subject:  Re: Astromundi Cluster
> I want to talk about the Astromundi Cluster.  Personally, I like the
> concept of the set.  For a spelljamming campaign, you can't beat an entire
> sphere full of asteroids, air worlds, and numerous nasties.  But, as they
> often do, TSR screwed it up.
> I thought the Cluster was somehow "unfinished."  I think the Astromundi
> Cluster is a perfect example of a good idea cut short.  I remember
> finishing the books and thinking, "is that all?  Where's the rest of it?  I
> want more!!!"
> One thing that often gets pasted is that bit about illithids being
> descended from mutant humans.
> *BZZST!*
> Sorry, I don't buy that.  I don't just gloss it over, I ignore it.
> Instead, I import some of the humanoid critters from Gamma World, and call
> them the descendants of the mutants.  I don't know how illithids evolved,
> but I know that the didn't come from humans.
Sounds good.  Any idea which particuler creatures - possibly Gith from
Dark Sun - after all, the rest of the Gith races are descended from humans.

> So, I've opened Pandora's box.  What are some changes you folks have made
> to the Cluster set?  Let's share them!  (If TSR is spying on us, I hope
> they get a head full.)  Perhaps as a group, we can "finish" the Cluster
> set.  If we can detail half a solar system and start a second (Terraspace
> and Flarespace respectively), then this should be a push over.
I still want to find out about Terraspace and Flarespace (and any other
crystal spheres).  Where do I find out more?

> I'll start the ball rolling with one of my own additions to the set: a
> large diskworld named... Astromundi.  The planet wasn't totally destroyed
> after all.
Sounds like a good start.  There's still plenty of room for expansion.

> Coming soon...
> Any other ideas?
> Rich
I'd neeed to reread the set again, but I was struck with how promising
it was.  So much other Spelljammer material is very bland or small-scale
- look at Crystal Spheres, or Under the Dark Fist, where the fabled
Twelve Spheres turned out to be mostly empty.

Is anyone out there coordinating ideas for a large, overall map of
places mentioned in 'official' SJ material, as well as places invented
by others?  And how about the idea of a NEt handbook to sumarise
everyones ship, sphere, race, spell, etc. ideas.

Niall Hosking
aka Kserokhs Vaene

'Practise random kindness and senseless acts of beauty.'

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