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From:     "Richard J. Pugh" <rjp3@???????.edu>
Date:     Sun, 18 Sep 1994 13:33:44 -0400
Subject:  Re: Armadas
Hi folks.

I would like to talk about Armadas for a moment.  You know, those big
butterfly -shaped ships that players aren't supposed to have?  Yeah, those.

First, how big do you think those things *really* are?  I know that the
books say 100 tons, but I've never really believed this.  The "Crown of
Corelian" in the "Space Lairs" supplement, is supposed to be the citadel
section of an elven armada.  I didn't figure it out in any detail, but I
would estimate the size of that citadel at about 70 tons, and that's
probably low.  Now look at the illustrations for armadas in the various
books.  The primary hull (the butterfly-shaped) section, looks to be much
larger than the citadel, even if you remove the wings.

There is an outline of an armada in "Crystal Spheres," that compares the
ship with many others.  Granted, that's a pretty large ship, but referring
again to the citadel in "Space Lairs," it isn't large enough to handle that
big citadel.

So, from all this, I made two theories:

* An Armada is larger than the books say it is - perhaps 150 tons.  This
  wouldn't be the first time that TSR was inconsistent.
* The citadel in "Space Lairs" isn't really from a standard armada,
  despite what the text says, making the "Crown of Corelian" a space
  station of some sort, and not the citadel of an armada.  Another case
  of TSR inconsistency.

Personally, I've always suspected that an armada was larger than 100 tons.
In order to carry all that crew, AND a citadel AND 30 to 40 flitters, it
needs to be larger than 100 tons.

If it's over 100 tons, do you think the arcane make a special type of major
helm that works on ships over 100 tons?  If not that, perhaps the power of
the helm is enhanced by other magical items to give it the extra motive
power to move 150 to 200 tons?  Perhaps there is a way to make two helms
work together in tandum?  One major helm for the primary hull and another
for the citadel?

Out of curiosity, do you think an armada is *too* powerful?  If non-elves
were to get a hold of one, what kind of problems do you think they would
have with it?  (Other than going to the top of the elve's "Most Wanted"

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