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From:     Hcarth@???.com
Date:     Sat, 17 Sep 94 19:03:29 EDT
Subject:  Re: More SP/PS crossover ideas
The following works is the property of its author, with the following
suggestions.  Spelljammer, Planescape,H'carth the Mad Beholder the Keepers,
Astral Plane are all property of TSR, inc. The reader is free to interprete
this journal as he chooses, or can e-mail me personally at H'carth@???.com
for the original interpretation.

All space-farers have heard tales of the Keepers, a mysterious three-legged
race who reportedly took the creatures of the known worlds and spread them
through out space.  Many scoff at these tales, others are not so sure, then
there is me.  I am H'carth the Mad.  In my search for the spelljammer, I have
seen many things, heard many tales, and felt many things.  In a distant
sphere, which I have dubbed "Xlashpitar", a beholderian word for The
Beginning, I found something I never expected to find.  The answers.  I had
understood that the spelljammer was to be in this area, and as such entered
Xlashpitar, there I found nine planets orbiting a central sun, the majority
of these planets were unfit for life, except for the third. As I approached
the third, something dropped my ship to tactical, a cylinderical disc, no
more than ten feet long and ten feet high.  A cargo hatch was mounted below.
Inside, I found a three-legged creature, manacled at each leg, and each
tentacle with protruded from its cylindrical torso. It was dead..or at least
it wasn't breathing.  It was not the creature that so fascinated me, it was
the door before which it stood.  Mounted against the side of the ship, it was
open, but I couldn't see wildspace, what I saw was an asteroid floating in
the astral ocean.  Hesitation is a word I know not the meaning for, and I
floated across the threshold. I was transported inside the asteroid. My first
reaction was to vomit, I was surrounded by bloody creatures, some three
legged, others humanoid. This had been the site of great battle, of that
there can be no doubt.  As I explored, I found more and more of the carnage,
blood floating around in bubbles weightlessly.  Then I found a survivor.  One
of the three legged creatures, bloodied beyond belief...a hideous spectacle.
He saw me, and the whips he wielded dropped from his tentacles.  He spoke in
my mind.  What he said will never leave me, and I still haven't discovered
its meaning.  What he said was "The Changing of the Guard"

                                             Journal of H'carth the Mad.

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