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From:     RJPugh@???.com
Date:     Tue, 13 Sep 94 21:12:00 EDT
Subject:  Re: Planescape/Spelljammer crossing
Hi Jammers!

(And Planescapers too, you might be interested in this.)

I was just looking back at the discussions about mixing Spelljammer and
Planescape.  A while back I set up a means for a spelljamming ship to travel
into the outer planes.  In fact, there was some talk about this on the list a
while back, but it didn't last.  Anyway...

The biggest problem with taking a spelljammer into the outer planes would be
setting up the necessary gate.  Since most gates are not designed to handle
something the size of a sailing ship, other methods are recommended.  A
magical device, be it a rune stone, artifact, or a modified helm (a
"Planejammer?") would be the ticket.

Let's assume that this phasing device can move a Spelljammer "one place"
through the planes.  For example:

    Prime Material -> Etheral
    Etheral -> Parallel Prime Material  or
    Etheral -> Astral
    Etheral -> Elemental
    Astral -> Outer Plane

And so on.  Perhaps the helmsman, or whoever is operating the phasing device,
can operate it say, every two to five turns (1d4+1).  It wouldn't take very
long for a Spelljamming ship to phase itself through several planes of

Another problem a spelljamming ship would have on the outer planes is moving
itself around.   (The rest of this message is pasted from something I posted
on SPJ-L a while back).

How a spelljammer behaves on the outer planes is another story.  Movement on
another plane shouldn't pose many problems.  If you can walk or glide there,
then I see no reason why a spelljammer couldn't float around and hover.  It's
the climate of the plane that is the question.

It's been a while since I looked at the Manual of the Planes, but let's
give this a try:  (any incompatibilities with Planescape are strictly because
I don't have the boxed set)

The Energy Planes (Positive/Negative):  Stay clear.  The positive plane would
cause the helm to overload and your ship would blow up.  Shortly thereafter,
you will too.  As for the Negative planes, well, it might transform your helm
into a lifejammer, which is rather hard on the helmsman.  As for the rest of
the crew, they can expect to become wraiths and/or spectres in a short period
of time.

The Etheral Plane:  Nothing strange here, at least as far as the helm is
concerned.  The 'jammer might possibly use the motive power of the helm to
"skate" along the ripples of ether.

The Para-Planes:  If the planier curtain is large enough, then a 'jammer
should be able to enter a para-plane from the Etheral.  Getting out again may
be a problem, but that would depend on the restrictions of the para-plane in
question.  Ravenloft, for example, would be a real pain to exit.  By means of
going through the correct curtains, it may even be possible to enter a
parallel Prime Material Plane, just like any other traveler.  It would also
be possible to re-enter one's plane of origin at a totally different point,
but that would be *extremely* trikey.

Elemental Plane of Air:  Perfect place for a 'jammer to visit.  No problems

Elemental Plane of Fire:  There is a very good chance your ship will burn up.
 A saving throw against fire on each turn may be in order.  If the ship
fails, well, time to get a new ship.  Ships made of metal or durable ceramics
may not encounter this problem.

Elemental Plane of Earth:  Sorry, no go.  It's unlikely that an air pocket
large enouph to handle a spelljammer will ever occur, and even if it did,
where would you go once you were there?

Elemental Plane of Water:  With the proper protection on the ship, this one
is do-able.  A ship that is water-tight, like a Triop, would be able to act
in the water plane more or less normally.  With other ships, it would be
necessary to magically protect it from the continual rush of water.

The Astral:  Like the Ether, this one shouldn't be a problem.  The
spelljamming field around the ship would allow the ship to "skate" along the
flotsam of Astral material.  From the Astral, entering the outer planes is
just a question of finding an appropriate curtain that your ship can travel
through.  Given the speed at which a spelljammer can travel, this wouldn't
take nearly as long as someone "on foot."

As for the outer planes, if you can fly there, you should be able to run a
spelljammer there.  The upper planes don't pose a problem, and actually
neither do most of the lower planes - in the later case, just be careful
where you land.  The middle planes, however...

Limbo would be like flying in an obsticle course.  You never know when
something may literally pop in front of you.

Nirvana is OK, so long as you stay clear of those gigantic clock teeth that
are tick-tocking all over the place.

Concordinant Opposition would cause a problem once you cross about the fourth
ring (I think).  At that point the helm will stop functioning and like it or
not, you land.  Then you are in big trouble.

Well, there is my input on this one.  Anyone (from either list) care to

Richard Pugh
The Bard of Wildspace

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