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From:     Ken Lipka <lipkakr@????.????.com>
Date:     Tue, 13 Sep 1994 07:28:51 -0400 (EDT)
Subject:  Re: Helms
On Tue, 13 Sep 1994 Skreyn@???.com wrote:

> [...]
>      This made me wonder: what about helms that already do not need a
> spellcaster, such as the lifejammer or a furnace?  Who controls that?
> [...]
>      The way I see it is that these kinds of helms have the area for the
> "fuel" (whether it be the forge fires or the lifejammer chamber/chair or
> whatever), with another area shaped like a throne/chair just like a
> major/minor helm, where _any_ class of person determines direction, turning,
> etc.
>      What do you think?  Someone needs to control the ship (the controls
> can't be always set to "full speed ahead," or these ships could never dock
> or land), and since no (mage/priest) spell power is needed, anyone should be
> able to be the helmsman, yes?

	Actually, normal crewmen ("the expendables") already control the
ship's direction.  If they didn't, why the need for navigators and people to
work the rigging?  If the helmsman controlled the ship, every single ship
in existance would need only one crewman to run it - the helmsman.

	The reason why a spell caster is needed is that his magical force
is used to provide the "wind in the sails" to move the ship.  And like normal
wind, it can't tell the ship which way ot go - it can influence it, but the
people on the ship must steer it.  Furnaces and Lifejammers are built to
harness different "wind".
	However, the reason why it is the helmsman which must make rolls for
things like ramming attacks and handling rolls is that, like the wind, strong
gusts can shift the hull.  Thus, to avoid a crash, the helmsman shoves the
ship to one side or the other - like a sudden cross breeze at sea.

	This is the reasoning that we have been using in our games, at least.

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