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From:     Erick Slazinski <SLA329@???.???.??????????.com>
Date:     10 Sep 94 17:35:35 EDT
Subject:  Re: spelljammers & the Planes
Ahoy fellow Jammers,
    I am wondering if anyone has considered using spelljamming ships as a
means of travel between the planes. In the Celestial Almanac (of the
Astromundi Cluster) p. 4 states that "characters can travel to the
Ethereal Plane by concentrating on their desire ...". It goes on to say
that barriers were set up against the Outer Planes. <I don't know how the
new Planescape campaign changed the multiverse, I'll be talking  from a
Manual of the Planes outlook.> From the Ethereal one can get to all of
the Inner Planes, through the various Ethereal Curtains.
    This is all fine and well, but for high level players the Outer
Planes are where the action is (not that action can't be held in the
Inner Planes :) So why couldn't a limited Plane Shift ability be built
into a Helm?  (or perhaps have one of a set of runestones be used for the
determining the   environment that the ship is meant for - perhaps have
one for Phlogoston, one for Astral, and one for Ethereal travelling? (I
_really_ like the runestones that replace helm idea.) Once in the Astral,
a ship can enter a color pool (which reminds me an awful lot of a
Phlogoston portal), if it's big enough for the ship, and suddenly you're
on (or over) another plane. This was alluded to in the "Voidjammers!"
article from Dragon #159, where the captain has a map of the permanent
color pools and who has the goal of an Astral taxi service to and from
the various planes. The permanent color pools are 2-way corridors, while
non-stable one's aren't (lending to only 1-way travel).
    Hardy spelljammin' players should be at home in the Astral, since
there is no gravity there either.
    I can see it now, cruising over the 65th layer of the abyss (Lolth's
Demonweb).... By the way, has anybody noticed that Lolth's spider ship
looks similar to a kick-butt Deathspider? (even though her ship came
    I am curious to know if anyone knows how this would fit into
Planescape setting.

    Comments are gladly accepted (and encouraged).

Erick Slazinski

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