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Month Index: September, 1994

From:     Skreyn@???.com
Date:     Sun, 04 Sep 94 16:09:36 EDT
Subject:  Re: Sean's stuff in FTP
Jeremy "I'll take A Ton Of Pember for $500" Pemberton said:
>...however I have encountered that most of the files are fidgeted with
>a binary-to-text thingem called BinHex
>...Has anyone found the PC version?
>and the file "Readme.txt" try it as something more noticeable like
>isn't the .message file supposed to be set read-only for the
>group and others (like 0644)?
>PS to Sean (sorry listmembers): How come the large flow-map's key
>says that one square is 1 day or so, and there are no squares?

[Sean tries and fails to duck repeated blows from the stupidity club....]

OK, I myself am new at this ftp thing, and I _was_ having problems
getting the .message to work; I mailed netcom support, but they have
a big backlog.  Tnank's to Jeremy's suggestion, I realized what was
wrong - when I set the attributes for all files in that dir with the
"*" wildcard, it ignored the .message file, as it should.  Once I
specifically targeted the .message, it now works as it should.

You need Binhex for those files ... because they are _Mac_ files.
If the .message was working right, you would have been told that.
<sigh>  Those programs are Hypercard stacks, not cross-platform
programs (why?  because I don't know C/Pascal/whatever and don't
have time to leanr them right now), and they only work on a Macintosh.
I don't know if there is a PC-Hypercard emulator, or if SoftMac
(or whatever it is called) can run them.
Note that everything else in the directory _is_ cross-platform:
GIF files, text files, etc.  Just the programs that I wrote are

Read_me.txt has been changed to 00ReadMe.txt - good suggestion!
The large flow map doesn't have the grid on it because I am a dope.
The program that I drew it in has a toggleable grid, which of course
was _not_ saved with the file.  I've changed the graphic so it has
the grid points, and uploaded it.

Sorry about the mistakes, folks.  This is my first ftp-site that I've
had to make decisions on, and since I haven't been ftp'ing much
recently, I had forgotten the protocols for it.  :/

- Sean
Sean K Reynolds   a.k.a. Veggie Boy  skreyn@??????.com  skreyn@???.com
"Later, alone, Belial will curl himself up undere the mountains and
remember Seraphiel, and archangel who fell by his side, who was one of
few Belial had considered a friend."

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