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From:     "Richard J. Pugh" <rjp3@???????.edu>
Date:     Fri, 19 Aug 1994 12:16:31 -0400
Subject:  Re: Rune stones as helms
Hi folks.

Steve mentioned a post he made a few days ago about converting SJ into
GURPS or whatever other system you like.  I admit that I was in a hurry
when it arrived, so I didn't read it very carefully.  I would encourage
everyone to go back and take a look, because he talks a lot about using
rune stones as a substitute for helms.  I'm also going to put a copy on my
web server later on.

Something like this is done in the Darkgate novels by Weis & Hickman, and...
...I already said that.  Sorry.  <:}

If I understood Steven's post correctly, each ship has a "suite" of runestones:
  - A transit stone, that actually moves the ship around on command, much like
    a sontemporary helm.
  - A gravity stone, that maintains the gravity plane of the ship.
  - An air stone, to maintain the air envelope (rather handy).

(did I miss any?)

A contemporary spelljamming helm wraps all of these functions together.  A
helm is also easier to maintain and much harder to steal, but... you gotta
pay the arcane a lot a money to get a helm.

How much would a rune stone sell for?  Understand folks that the arcane (or
whatever your chief money-brokers are, depending on your universe) would
probably go out of their way to permanently destroy any source of these
stones... or buy it and use it themselves, but that's campaign stuff.
We're still talking mechanics.  :)

Would it be necessary for the wizard/priest/bard/psionicist (whatever is
appropriate) who invoked the powers of the stones to stay with them?  Would
activating the stone drain the person's powers for a while?  (The way
activating a helm drains a spellcaster?)  In the Deathgate books, the pilot
of the ship (i.e. spelljamming mage) had to frequently check the status of
the stones and on one occasion he had to "re-start" one of them, so he was
effectively tied to the stones for the duration of the flight.  However, he
didn't loose all of his abilities.

Where would these stones come from?  Clearly it would take a runemage to
finish one, but do you think it would be possible for a regular mage to
duplicate the effects of the stones in say, a magic gem?  Or a staff?

Any comments on this?  This is a new idea, at least from an SJ standpoint,
and we should work on it.

Sorry for not commenting earlier, Steve.



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