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From:     RJPugh@???.com
Date:     Thu, 18 Aug 94 18:53:25 EDT
Subject:  Re: Ringworlds & Dyson Spheres
Hello Jammers!

Things have been quiet, what with the shifting from one site to another, so
I'll take this opportunity to open a new thread... or try.

Have any of you tried to incorporate a Ringworld or Dyson Sphere into your
fantasy space campaigns?  The "Practical Planetology" guide provided a
Ringworld, but I don't like that one.  :)

I had a Ringworld in my old campaign, which was based directly on Nivin's.
 In fact, I used a copy of the old Ringworld RPG as a base.  Most of the
homonid species translated easily into AD&D mechanics (this was shortly
before I started converting to GURPS), and the setting itself was fantastic.
 Several of the civilizations translated as well.  In my old setting, the
"City Builders" were on the verge of developing spelljamming helms that were
based on rune magic, somewhat like the dragon ships from Weis & Hickman's
Death Gate novels.

I did away with the asteroid-killer guns that appear in the books.  It was
because of those that Louis Wu crashed on Ringworld both times.  Instead I
used a type of magical ballistae that would fire at anything that got too
close.  My PC's were able to penetrate this defence grid and explore the
Ringworld for a while.  They had trouble getting off again, but that's
something else.

As for Dyson Spheres, I never touched those, but Eric (Onestar) had a type of
Dyson Sphere in his old campaign: Sphereworld.  In many ways the Mystra
world, or "Hollow World" is a Dyson Sphere.  Heardspace, from the book
"Malestrom's Eye" is a true Dyson Sphere.

What about everyone else?  I'll dig up some of my Ringworld goodies if there
is interest, but I want to hear what everyone else things about having
"artificial" worlds like this in the SJ universe.


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