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From:     RJPugh@???.com
Date:     Wed, 10 Aug 94 19:51:04 EDT
Subject:  Re: SPJ: Last copyright statement, a
(Duplicate from SPJ-L@???????.edu post)

Hi folks.

Before I say anything else, I'll point out that the new listserv site is
technically up, but for some reason it isn't paying much attention to me.
 I'm working on it, I'm working on it.  (waves of embarrassment and

Now, allow me to make a suggestion regarding this invasion of the network by

This is probably going to drag on for a *long* time, and most of the heavy
stuff will have to be handled by lawyers.  Personally, I'm gonna just sit
back and watch, because there are people out there who can handle this better
than I can.  I did contact someone at the Electronic Frontier Foundation
about this, so they may be entering the game before long (if they have not
done so already.)

I propose that we just keep working on our stuff until T$R gives us
explicit orders not to.  As for an archive, to be safe, what if we start
maintaining a list of who has what, and maintain a sort of "mail order"

e.g.: Someone sends a message to Sean asking for the deckplans of this, that
and the other thing.  Sean sends him a message back asking how the person
wants it packaged, and before long, the deckplans are personally delivered.

It's not the most efficient system, but it's probably safer because people
have to go out of their way to get the materials and they are not on open,
public display, but they are available.  The only thing we would post for FTP
would be a type of "catalog" saying who has what.  What do yo'all think of

As for T$R and the "angry mom's" syndrome, I'm afraid I'm a bit confused.
 AD&D is not a game for very young children, nor is it a game for people with
queasy stomachs.  It was never intended to be.  T$R is worried about things
like the image of "witches," excessive sex and violence, and so on. What
about Ravenloft?  It's OK for them to release a setting with lots of witches
and goblins and things that go bump in the night, but it's not OK for Mayfair
to release an AD&D-compatible supplement on a similar topic?  As for
violence, most AD&D campaigns go through a hank/slash phase (some never
emerge from it), and several of the adversaries in the game can only be
overcome with violence.  Violence is, sadly, an integral part of the game.
 And as for sex, well, take a look at the illustrations by Larry Elmore.
 Most of his women have bodies to die for, and they flaunt it with their
skimpy suits of "armor."  AD&D is a true offender in the objectification of

I think T$R has to re-think this strategy they are taking against "angry
moms."  (Mr. Repp, if you're reading this, tell your co-workers to practice
what they preach.)

OK.  My editorial is over.

(Eric walks in and gives Richard a glass of water and a prozac, while Pascal
puts on some soft, relaxing music...)

Back to Spelljamming (tm).  :)

A while back, some people mentioned that they keep maps of the phlogiston, or
at least those regions where they run their campaigns.  I've considered
setting up such a map, so I'm curious to see what other people have done.  If
you keep these maps in a graphics file, would you be willing to send me a
copy?  If so, please contact me personally so we can talk about file

Thanks a bunch!

Now, where did that damn tinker gnome go...


PS: Be sure to check out my web pages.  I've added some more stuff, and I
have a link to Ville's stuff, which opens ever more stuff.  If you want to
see something special in there, let me know.  We can talk business.

Richard J. Pugh, Assistant Librarian     |Email: rjp3@???????.edu
  Engineering Library, Cornell University|       rjpugh@???.com
  Ithaca, NY, USA 14853                  |WWW:
  Voice: 607-255-5933                    |
  Fax:   607-255-9606                    |
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