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From:     "Alistair G. Lowe-Norris" <agl1@?????????.??.uk>
Date:     Wed, 10 Aug 1994 12:14:40 +0100 (BST)
Subject:  Re: List of Lists v3.00
                      T h e   L i s t   o f   L i s t s :

           Roleplaying Related Lists, version 3.00, 5th-August-1994

In addition to, there are a number of mailing lists and
digests (or newsletters) on the net which may be of interest to
role-playing enthusiasts.

The difference between a mailing list and a digest is that a digest is
collected, edited, and distributed by an editor, while a mailing list
simply forwards all incoming mail to a list of subscribers. Mailing
lists tend toward high volume with many digressions; digests tend
toward low volume with high signal-to-noise ratios. The way of
subscribing is the same for both, so I won't differentiate between them
in the remainder of this message.

As usual, an explanation about listservers in general before I list
the lists. Read this before trying anything.

How to use this list

There are basically three ways in which you could subscribe to a
mailing list or digest: through a "listserv/listserver" address, through
a "majordomo" address, or through a "request" address. With each mailing
list, however, only ONE of these will work correctly.

To subscribe to a list, DON'T send mail to the xxx-l@yyy address
mentioned below. Instead, send mail to listserv@yyy or listserver@yyy.
You need to use the xxx-l address only later, once you are already
subscribed. If you have never used a listserver before, send a message
with subject line and message body saying just "HELP" (without the
quotes) to listserv@yyy or listserver@yyy.

If there is no listserv address (that is, if your mail bounces), try
the same procedure using "majordomo" instead of "listserv". If "majordomo"
doesn't work either, try "listproc". Majordomo and "listproc" are growing
as new unix mailist list managers. If this doesn't work you're trying to
get on a manually managed mailing list.

A list with a name like: xxx-l, is almost guaranteed to be managed by a
listserv, majordomo or listproc address. It is becoming harder to assosciate
the absence of a "-l" with a manually managed mailing list as new automated
listserv-type lists do not seem to follow the old "-l" convention.

Manually managed mailing lists generally use xxx-request@yyy addresses.
These are almost always administrative (human) contacts, and as such,
can be used as a point of subscribing. Subscribing to one of these
lists is usually done by hand, and may thus take a while. It is common
courtesy to put "subscribe" in the subject line of your subscription
request. Some of the listservers have an "xxx-request" address as well
to subscribe: replace "-l" by "-request" in this case.

For example, if you were interested in joining the spelljammer list, you
would send mail to listserv@??.??.uk, with a message saying, for example,
"SUB spelljammer Mr. Bill Clinton" (without the quotes). You would then
be subscribed to the SpellJammer discussion list. To join the Amber
roleplaying list, you'd send a nice, personal request to
amber-request@?????.??.??????.edu, which would be answered by a human,
usually at the weekend. The Amber list is managed manually, so you won't
be subscribed immediately, as you would when using a listserv.

Very rarely, when a list is managed manually, the subscription address
is NOT xxx-request@yyy, but personal_user_code@yyy. In these cases, the
address to send your subscription requests to is mentioned below.


But now, the lists proper. If a list is known to have an xxx-request-
address, the name is marked with an asterisk (*). To join these lists,
send mail as explained above.

adnd-l@????????.???.edu            Advanced Dungeons & Dragons RPG
amber@?????.??.??????.edu *        Amber RPG (managed manually)
amtgard-list@???.????.edu          Amtgard, a live-action RPG
   ansilva@????.edu                -- for subscriptions or help
appel@????.????????.edu            Chaosium Games digest
arduin-l@???????.com               Arduin RPG
ars-magica@?????????.????????.edu *
                                   Ars Magica RPG
bag@?????.?????.com *              San Francisco Bay Area Gamer's list
brs-members@???????.com            List for British RPG Conventions
   brs-members-sub **              -- for subscriptions or help
camarilla-l@???????.com            Vampire RPG fan club
camelot@??????.??.??.uk *          Arthurian legend and Grail lore
capra@??????.????????.com *        Capra, a Masterbook-based fantasy world
champ-l@???.org *                  Champions and Hero RPGs
                                   The FRP Portable Tools Project
chess-l@??????.bitnet              Chess game
chill@????????.com *               Chill Horror RPG
churches-l@???????.com             Bishops: The Eternal Crusade
cryptych-l@???????.com             Cryptych
comics-l@?????.bitnet              Comics
consim-l@??.???.????????.ca        Conflict Simulation Games
cthulhu@?????.??.uk *              Call of Cthulhu RPG (managed manually)
dark-sun@?????????.??.uk           Dark Sun world (AD&D)
dfn@????.??.??????.edu             Abandon Babylon newsletter
dfn@????.??.??????.edu             Fimbulwinter (Ysgarth) newsletter
dipl-l@??????.bitnet               Diplomacy
dnadler@???????.????????.???.com   DragonQuest newsletter (monthly digest,
                                      managed manually)
dragon@???????.com                 The Dragons of the East (oriental RPGs)
   dragon-sub **                   -- for subscriptions or help
ecstasy-l@???????.com              Shamanistic supplement
edge@??????.????????.com *         Over the Edge RPG
elflist@lorbit.uucp                Elfinkind digest
equest-l@?????.???.edu             Elfquest comics
experts-l@???????.com              Experts system development group
fiction@?????.???.edu              Fiction writers workshop
figures@???.??.uk                  Figures and Painting
   s.hamby **                      -- for subscriptions or help
flashlife@??????.com *             Flashlife Cyberpunk RPGs digest
fnn@??.??.uk                       The Fantasy News Network, RPG News Stories
forkni-l@?????.???.edu             Forever Knight TV show
fkfic-l@?????.???.edu              Forever Knight TV show stories
games-l@???????.?????.edu          Computer Games
gg-l@???????.com                   Garfield Games
gg-trading-l@???????.com           Trading cards from Deckmaster
gmast-l@?????.???.edu              Game Masters interest group
grass@???????.?????.edu *          GRASS (Generic Religions and
                                      Secret Societies)
   grass-server **                 -- for back issues and help
gurps-announce-ext@?????.com       GURPS RPG announcements
   jpl **                          -- for subscriptions and help
gurps-ext@?????.com                GURPS RPG
   jpl **                          -- for subscriptions and help
highla-l@?????.???.edu             Highlander
history@?????.???.edu              General History
horror@??????.bitnet               Horror Films and Fiction
ifgsrpg@??????.???????.org         International Fantasy Gaming Society
   greg **                         -- for subscriptions or help
ilf-info@???.???????.com *         Interactive Literature Foundation
   jim@?????.com                   -- for contributions
isaga-l@??????.bitnet              Int'l Simulation & Gaming
jbacon@???.com                     NERO National Rules (put "request-nero
                                      rules" in the subject line)
jwisdom@???.??.???.edu             Multi User Dungeon (MUD) digest
kult-l@???????.com                 Kult RPG
libran18@??????.????.edu           MechWar/BattleTech
loc-l@???????.com                  Lords of Conquest development group
                                   BattleTech digest
lsonko@?????.?????.edu             NERO NY/Ashbury
mage-l@???????.com                 Mage: The Ascension
masterbook@??????.????????.com *   FRPs including Torg, Shatterzone,
                                      Bloodshadows, and World of Indiana
medfem-l@???????.bitnet            Open discussion for Medievalists
mediev-l@??????.bitnet             Medieval History
merpl@??????.bitnet                MERP and Rolemaster RPGs
mythus-l@???????.?????.edu         Mythus RPG
                                   -- for help
mythus@???.??????.edu              Mythus RPG
   johnston **                     -- for subscriptions or help
nero@??????.com *                  NERO National, NERO Mass, and Wildlands
networld-l@???????.com             Internet Roleplaying Environments
                                      development group
ods-l@???????.com                  Optimal Design Systems
                                      (Battlelords o/t 23rd Century)
palladium@????.????????.edu *      Palladium Games
parson@????.??????.edu             HarnMaster (list managed manually)
pern-l@?????.??.???.??.uk *        The Pern digest
persona@??????.bitnet              "On-line" role-playing as personas
pierre@????.???????.com            Stafnord Roleplayers digest
planescape@??.??.uk                The Planes - not only PlaneScape (AD&D)
psi-l@??????.bitnet                Parapsychology
rag-l@???????.com                  Ragnarok Games
ragboard-l@???????.com             Ragboard
ravenloft@??.??.uk                 Ravenloft world (AD&D)
realms@????.com                    Forgotten Realms world (AD&D)
realms-digest@????.com             Forgotten Realms daily digest
   majordomo **                    -- for subscriptions or help
rivals-l@???????.com               Rivals of Estedhil development group
robotech@????.??????.edu *         Robotech Mecha listserv group
rolemaster@?????????.???.??.com    Rolemaster RPG
rtal@?????.???.????.org            R. Talsorian Games
   archive-server **               -- for subscriptions or help
runequest@?????????.???????.???.com *
                                   RuneQuest RPG digest
   henk.langeveld@???.com          -- for help
sca@??.???.???.edu *               SCA
scahrlds@????.bitnet               SCA Heraldry
scrye-l@???????.com                The Scrye card game
sflovers@???.bitnet                Science Fiction Lovers
shadowrn@?????.bitnet              Shadowrun RPG
shadowtk@?????.bitnet              Shadowrun Interactive Fiction
shards-l@?????.bitnet              Shards RPG
spj-l@???????.edu                  SpellJammer world (AD&D)
stargame@?????.bitnet              Star Trek RPG
startrek@?????????.??.uk           Engage: Star Trek (European list)
stripe@??????.????.???.com         X-man Rogue
talislanta-l@???????.com           Talislanta RPG
taogm-l@???????.com                The Art of Game Mastering development
tekumel@???????.?????.???.edu *    Tekumel/Empire of the Petal Throne
tekumel-digest@????.?????????.com  The Tekumel digest
   tekumel-request **              -- for subscriptions or help
tmo-l@???????.com                  The Military Order development group
tolkien@?????.bitnet               Works of J.R.R. Tolkien
tolklang@???.??.??.uk              Linguistic aspects of Tolkien's works
   tolklang-request=server **      -- for subscriptions and help
tpo-l@???????.com                  The Primal Order
traveller@?????.???.ca *           Traveller RPG
trumwulf@??.??.??.uk *             Trumwulf's Rest interactive fantasy
ufo-l@??????.bitnet                UFO sightings
vampire-l@???????.com              Vampire RPG
vampyres@????.bitnet               Vampire lore, history and facts
virtrpg@???????.com                Internet RPGs via IRC or MUDS
   virtrpg-sub **                  -- for subscriptions and help
us-l@???????.com                   The Primal Order's Unorthodox Strategies
war40k@????????.??????.edu *       Warhammer 40K
wizinfo-l@???????.com              Wizards of the Coast announcements
wfrp@??????.????????.com *         Warhammer Fantasy RPG
woofer-l@???????.com               Various products by Lisa Stevens

*  Use xxx-request@yyy to subscribe to this list.
** This address is located at the same site as the list proper.

Expired Lists

Below I am including a new section on lists which appear to have expired.
Each list will remain for a brief period for me to verify this before being
removed completely from the list.

earthdawn@????????.??????.com      Earthdawn RPG
   majordomo **                    -- for subscriptions or help


If you know of any more lists, or you know of one above which has expired,
tell me and I will modify the list. I will be trying most of these lists,
where possible, in the next months. If you need any help with a particular
list, give me a shout.

Thanks go to Boudewijn Wayers, the originator of this list for his hard
work and diligence in maintaining this list of rpg-related lists.

Alistair G. Lowe-Norris, agl1@??.??.uk

| Alistair G. Lowe-Norris                   E-mail : agl1@??.??.uk        |
| NetWare Systems Manager                                                 |
| Computer Centre, Leicester University,                                  |
| University Road, Leicester LE1. 7RH., U.K.                              |
|                                                                         |
| X.400: S=agl1; O=Leicester;; C=GB                               |
| Tel: +44 (0) 116 252-2250 Fax: +44 (0) 116 252-5027                     |

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