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Month Index: July, 1994

From:     "_\(*\)_" <ONESTAR@???.???.????.edu>
Date:     Fri, 15 Jul 1994 15:07:10 -0500 (EST)
Subject:  Re: Spelljammer campaign
David Reilly wrote:

>To : SPELLJAMMER list members

>      I would like to enquire about the unavailability of many of the essential
>Spelljammer campaign material. Perhaps it is a problem isolated only to
>Australia, but there seems to be a distinct lack of stock available. For
>example, I have been waiting for over six weeks for a copy of the Spacefarers
>Handbook - even though upon ordering it the shopkeeper assured me he would have
>it in by the end of the week. In the latest mail order catalogue, not only did
>there seem to be far less items listed, but there were no new ones, despite the
>fact that all the other campaigns had heaps!

>     Does anyone out there know what TSR is doing?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

	David, I don't know how up you are on the SPELLJAMMER situtation,
so I'll fill you in the best I can.

	TSR, in their beloved wisdom, has cancelled the Spelljammer line of
products.  They aren't making any new materials for Spelljammer.  Now, I don't
know what effect this has on previously-released materials, but I would assume
that they should have some on back order.

	We here at the Spelljammer list have argued in vain to keep SJ alive.
It's to no avail.  The folks at TSR won't listen.  Now, we've heard that the
editor of DRAGON magazine likes Spelljammer, and if anyone has any submissions,
he'll look them over.  DUNGEON's editor, on the other hand, has commented that
they will no longer accept SJ campaign's in their periodical.

	That doesn't mean WE'VE given up on Spelljammer.  This listserver is
active and always trying out new things.

	You might want to take a look in our FTP site to see some of the
materials we've already posted.  There's the two listmember-created SJ
supplements, some GIF and JPG files you can download, as well as some new
fiction using Spelljammer.

	Take heart.  We're not gonna let Spelljammer die this easily.

Eric F. Schetley, co-owner,
Spelljammer Listserver.

I'll double check on the ftp site's full name and post it next week.


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Month Index: July, 1994

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