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Month Index: August, 1994

From:     Stephen Burton Mann <smann@??.com>
Date:     Sun, 28 Aug 1994 22:11:13 -0400
Subject:  Re: Ringworlds (fwd)
> It is possible therefore that the Ringworld is a prison, built by some
> great god as the outer perimeter for some very powerful evil/good god.

Hey, that's a *great* idea! Imagine the ringworld as just a REALLY BIG 
thaumaturgic circle! Wow, wow, wow! Can you imagine how big the 
individual lines of the enclosed pentagram must be?

> The location of the prisoner could be inside the central star or he could
> somehow be in orbit around the star.

Sure, the thaumaturgic circle would not only imprison him, it would bleed 
some of his residual power, enough to provide light and heat for the 
ringworld. Jeepers!

> The Imprisoned One would have some power / influence on the residents of
> the world. Much of that influence would be devoted to breaking out of the
> prison. The Prisoner could even have followers on the outside of the
> world clamoring to get in to break it free.

Sure, that would be a truly epic adventure! Just imagine being the 
adventurers chosen to stop the imprisoned god's followers before they 
destabilize the ringworld and let the god loose! Gosh!

> The reason the world is populated can be for several reasons:
> 1. The Prisoner's followers were imprisoned with him. Some of these followers
> can be gods themselves.

Not a good idea. If they're living on the restraining circle, it seems 
they'd be that much more able to damage it.

> 2. The Builder could have put life forms on this world to guard against or
> fight 1.

Sure, to protect the restraing circle from the Prisoner's followers who 
would try to break or destabilize it.

> 3. Beings came here and for one of many reasons became trapped.
> 4. Life simply evolved.

Sure. Simple and logical. Imagine being the inhabitants from #3 who find 
out after a few generations, what their home REALLY is!

> The RingWorld is a live world. Its primary source of energy is heat and
> light from sun. Just as humans have regulatory mechanisms, so do the RingWorld
> life forms. The RingWorlds have symbiotic relationships with the smaller
> life forms that live on it.

So, the Ringworlds are cousins to the Spelljammer? Interesting, but 

 Stephen Mann                                                    smann@??.com

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Month Index: August, 1994

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