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Month Index: August, 1994

From:     Matthew Harelick <matth@??????.???.com>
Date:     Fri, 26 Aug 1994 15:16:19 -0400
Subject:  Re: Ringworlds (fwd)

> Going back to creating a Ringworld, do you think it's at all possible that
> a Ringwold could be natural?  What if you took a very large torrid world
> and settled it into an orbit with a fire body in the center?  You could
> take a fire body in any sphere and spin a small ringworld around it.
> If a ringworld was created by gods or demi-gods, what would some of there
> reasons be for building a world in the shape of a giant, spinning ring?
> Perhaps the dietie in question had a thing about geometric shapes.  If the
> planet in "his" sphere was to have a perfectly circular orbit, then why not
> make things more complete and have the world be a circle?

When magick is mentioned it is sometimes stated that geometric shapes are
good (or necessary ) for certain things. For instance, summoning and
imprisoning beasts.

It is possible therefore that the Ringworld is a prison, built by some
great god as the outer perimeter for some very powerful evil/good god.

The location of the prisoner could be inside the central star or he could
somehow be in orbit around the star.

The Imprisoned One would have some power / influence on the residents of
the world. Much of that influence would be devoted to breaking out of the
prison. The Prisoner could even have followers on the outside of the
world clamoring to get in to break it free.

The reason the world is populated can be for several reasons:

1. The Prisoner's followers were imprisoned with him. Some of these followers
can be gods themselves.

2. The Builder could have put life forms on this world to guard against or
fight 1.

3. Beings came here and for one of many reasons became trapped.

4. Life simply evolved.

5. When the matter was put here to make the world, the life forms came with

Another Scenario:

The RingWorld is a live world. Its primary source of energy is heat and
light from sun. Just as humans have regulatory mechanisms, so do the RingWorld
life forms. The RingWorlds have symbiotic relationships with the smaller
life forms that live on it.

If a RingWorld senses that its Sun is dying, it will store as much energy
as it can find. This will make the surface of the world rather cold, as
the world is sucking out all the ambient heat and light it can find. It
will then move off to find another Sun.

This of course happens rarely but when it does happen it usually means the
death of at least one world. If two ringworlds fight over a sun , one may
survive but the life forms on that world are bound to be extinguished.


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