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From:     "Richard J. Pugh" <rjp3@???????.edu>
Date:     Fri, 25 Mar 1994 08:31:46 -0500
Subject:  Re: PernSpace?
>     Hello out there, folks!
>     Has anyone decided (or just thought about) making Pernspace?  You know,
>with Anne McCaffrey's dragonriders, and thread, and all that rot?

I've considered it, but I have too many other projects at the moment, as always.

Karen Wynn Fonstad once wrote an "Atlas of Pern" illustrating the orbits of
Pern's moons, the thread world, and the location of the starship.  I think
there were some notes on the other planets of the Pern system, but they
were not extensive.  If someone wants to start SJ-izing Pern, that work
would be an ideal place to start.

One point about Pern itself:  If memory serves, the people, and the
dragons, have telepathic powers.  In light of that, the Pernese may rely
more on psionics than they would on magic.  This would be due to cultural
conditions rather than physical ones, however, so Pern needn't be a magic
dead world.

If the Pernese have spelljamming technology, they might have a special
"Pernese" helm which draws on the combined telepathic power of a
Dragonridder *and* his or her bond-dragon (which assumes human form, or
reduces itself in size in order to travel on a human ship).

The teleporting dragons are OK, but perhaps we should stay clear of the
time travel stuff.  That opens several cans or worms.
A "collections list" will appear later today, so if anyone else wants to
tell me about their pet projects and has not done so, you have until 2 PM
EST.  After that, you can appear on whatever update schedule I use.

I'm gone.

Richard J. Pugh, Assistant Librarian        | Phone:    607-255-5752
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  110C Olin Library                         | Internet: rjp3@???????.edu
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