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From:     Joseph_DuBois.WBST102A@?????.com
Date:     Wed, 23 Mar 1994 10:39:15 -0500
Subject:  Re: Myrkandite 7
 Part 7
It is astonishing that Cameron survived, further lending
credibility to the theory that his entire journey was a product of
his frustrated, delusional mind.  He was almost slain time and
again, except for the fact that all those who opposed him seemed
astonished that...something wasn't working.  He speaks little of
this period; only that it took months to leave the place.  Those
who aided him in returning home begged him to come back with more
Myrkandite, and he seemed glad to see that the samples which he
carried did not return with him.
     The mages of his guild immediately disbelieved the record,
since they placed food outside his door every evening, and there
never was a break in the cycle.  The final part of the journal is
concerned with his preparations to return, and from the fact that
he made preparations with a variety of travelling spellbooks,
magical items, and the Rod of DragonsDoom, and none of these things
were found in his wing when it was searched.  Perhaps he found a
way to return, and has not come back yet.
     On Athas, Myrkandite is valued a thousand times more than
     silver, gold, even steel.  It is as malleable as iron,
     takes an edge well, and makes a durable weapon.  What is
     more significant, however, is that it absorbs psionic
     energy.  How, is not well understood.  It seems to work
     in a field, absorbing psionic effect in a 5' radius
     around the wielder.
          A pound of Myrkandite is sufficient to absorb 1d6
     PSP worth of active psychic powers each round.  Calculate
     the amount of Myrkandite in an object, and adjust
     accordingly.  This total is subtracted from the total
     PSPs neccessary to create the effect.  If there isn't
     enough PSPs, then the power doesn't go off.  The
     psionicist is instantly aware of the drain, and can add
     more to insure the effect happens.  However, most
     psionicists will not blindly pump PSPs without first
     understanding why.  Further, it can only affect the
     initial overlay of PSPs.  If another psionicist activates
     a power later on in the round, the power goes off full
          Active psychic powers are those currently being
     used.  Myrkandite will not touch reserves of PSP, but the
     moment the PSPs are applied, they are subject to drain. 
     Specifically, the ore only affects psionic powers
     directed into the field, but will protect the wielder
     from area affect psionics.  Thus, even though the center
     of the area of effect of an Inertial Barrier falls
     outside the 5' drain area, the Myrkandite protects the
     holder.  The door does swing both ways.  Beneficial
     powers are subject to the same drain as malevolent ones.
          Myrkandite armor and especially helms are useful in
     incapacitating psionic individuals.  The effect must pass
     from the wearer to the target, and thus the armor
     isolates the wearer from the outside world.  Every time
     someone wearing a piece of myrkandite armor tries to use
     a psionic power, she must first penetrate the armor's
     draining effect.  Thus, Myrkandite is most useful in the
     hands of the non-psionic.
          So where does the psychic energy go?  Once again, it
     is retranslated into another form, one quite similar to
     the Krynn effect.  The energy is rebroadcasted as
     disruptive psionic waves.  All psionicists within a 25'
     radius take a penalty to all power scores.  For every
     round the Myrkandite absorbs PSPs, the psionic static
     grows more intense, building +1 for each consecutive
     round, to a max of +4.  The effect fades -1 for each
     round of zero exposure.
What follows is a quick guide to how valuable Myrkandite is in each
of the worlds, in addition to how well known it is to sages and
                    Cost/lbs       Rarity
Greyhawk            10,000 gp      15 in 20
Forgotten Realms    20,000 gp      16 in 20
Krynn               50,000 stp     19 in 20
Al Quadim           15,000 gp      16 in 20
Ravenloft           75,000 gp*     17 in 20
Athas               Priceless      20 in 20
Wildspace            5,000 gp      14 in 20 

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Sorry about the bandwidth people. But its been quiet and since this has
some SJ material in it I thought some of you might want access to it.

Joseph DuBois (Scooby)

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