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From:     Joseph_DuBois.WBST102A@?????.com
Date:     Wed, 12 Jan 1994 14:01:56 -0500
Subject:  Re: Travelin Whale Tours
Food for Thought!

Name: Travelin Whale Tours
Location:  Europa -Moon of Jupiter (Clifhang Port on side of Mountains)
Owner: Scral Gramix (Illithid)

Description: Travelin Whale Tours is a tour system, much like Carnival
Tours. They own two Whale Ships that are powered by 12th level mages (3
/ ship). The whale ships have been redone in a plush decorative setting.
Only the finest of things makes its way onto Whale Tours! Whale Tours
conducts trips within Terraspace  to all the great sites of the Sphere.
Prices range from 1000gp /person to 30,000gp /person for a weekend trip,
and 10x that for a week trip (10 days). Their home port is in the city
of Clifhang on Europa.  The ships use smaller ships to transport the
passengers back and forth to the city. They never enter the atmosphere.

Each whale ship has 70 rooms 8 bars, 3 dinning rooms, 2 large pools
(both heated), 2 Casinos. They also have off deck Crossbow shooting for
the brave!(Skeet). Also each ship has several Long boats that allow the
passengers to get a closer view of some of the natural wonders while
others let passengers shoot down to a local planet to shop at some of
the eccentric shops. Two eel ships are mounted on the belly of each
whale ship that are used as escort ships if danger threatens or other
ships get too close to the Tour lines. They also have several lower
level priests to help out if any accidents occur!

One of the whale ships (the Princess) takes the weekend tours while the other
ship (the California) takes passengers on week trips, every two weeks.

Scral Gramix is a direct decendent of the Illithids from Triton
(Neptune). His father started the business when he escaped the dying
Triton. He is a very sociable person and often goes on the Tours to make
sure that the guests have a good time. If a really big nobel or king
books passage he is sure to be on board. Scral is also a 5th level mage,
and 7 level fighter. Most of his servents are happy to work for him, but
if any get out of line he is quick to use his psionic powers to
straighten anything up.

(if you dont like its location, Put me anywhere)
Joseph DuBois (Scooby)

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Month Index: January, 1994

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