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From:     bee@??????.??.??????.edu
Date:     Mon, 20 Dec 1993 07:48:44 -0500
Subject:  Re: SJ: Re: Arcane
> >In wildspace there are the occassional sargassoes that  
Spelljamming vehicles avoid like the plague, because in many if not  
all of these sargassoes Spelljamming Helms do not work.  I would  
hazard a guess that the reason for the Spelljamming Helm failure  
would be that someone is trying to hide something.  Namely the  
Arcane.  It is my idea that inside these sargassoes the Arcane have  
bases/worlds where they do their work.  


	If the arcane are trying to hide something, then they have to  
have a way of making helms not work there.  It could be an anti-helm  
field, but that would be complex and take too much energy, which is  
not cost-efficient, and all the arcane I know are nothing if not  
cost-efficient.  No, I think they somehow program the helms they sell  
to go bad in their basargassoes.

> 	I wouldn't assume that all are Arcane-created; in the  
Realmspace sphere sargassos may have been caused by the Time of  
Troubles, for example.

	Well, of course not.  Some could be almost like (weak & wimpy  
survivable versions of) black holes, that just pull a ship's steering  
off into the mess.

> >How do the Arcane travel within a sargasso, you ask.  Being  
masters of TechnoMagic devices they have items on there person that  
allow some kind of motive force to propel their ships.

> 	Or with their superior navigation skills, they're able to 

> calculate a direct path to their destination, taking into account 

> planetary rotation,etc. Once they know where they're going and how  
to enter, they just have the ship fly at full SR into the Sargasso  
and drift unpowered until they reach their base.

	Or, if the cost-efficient method I have described is used  
(which could be easily used by making the helm disengage in the  
presence of a certain magical aura-field, like a variation on  
Nystul's Magick Aura (a 1st level spell that does nothing but make  
something have a magical charge, so it detects as magical)) they  
simply DO NOT PROGRAM THEIR OWN HELMS to disengage in the presence of  
the field.  different fields could even lead to varying security  
levels or something.

> >As to the creation of Helms, maybe a process involving the Energy  
Planes, positive or negative or both, is worked out within these  
sargassoes where the destruction powers of these planes fails to work  
(i.e. the finished helm doesn't work here either).

> 	The Sargasso could be "hollow"; the center of the sargasso is  
not anti-magical, so the Arcanes' magics still work. The sargassos  
are just a defensive mechanism, or a result of the Arcane using so  
much magical energy that the surrounding area becomes magically  

	This last would, I admit, tie in well with magick theory as  
expanded in Dark Sun.
	Or they could just be capable of casting really powerful  
spells.  Create Major Helm and Permanency can make a permanent helm.   
So maybe the arcane have a workhorse populace of really powerful  
mages.  Or just make this rule: The arcane can cast one ninth level  
spell per day, except wish (so they actually have to earn their  
	Or maybe they dig them out of the  
parapseudoquasisemikindasortaelemental plane of spelljamming helms (a  
subsection of the parapseudoquasisemielemental plane of magical  
chairs, which is in turn a division of the parapseudoquasielemental  
plane of chairs, which is a subsection of the parapseudoelemental  
plane of furniture, which is a division of the paraelemental plane of  
construction materials, which is a subsection of the elemental plane  
of earth. (whew!)).

> >As to the Air/water for a Dwarven Citadel, they work just like any  
other Spelljamming vehicle.  They must visit planets with good air  
and water.

They are covered with trees, of course, sillies!  Isn't there  
something in the books about covering a ship with plants and if the  
entire surface area is covered, they have air.  Well, the trees also  
need rain, so each Citadel has a small ecosystem living over it.   
prolly bugs to fertilize, too.  & Worms.  The Dwarves live INSIDE,  
where the plants don't grow, but are well enough ventilated that the  
plant's air freshening capabilities get inside.  They don't even need  
bugs.  They can just have a few gully dwarves smear the contents of  
an entire colony of Dwarves chamber pots all over the surface every  
day.  smelly, but functional, and dwarves are used to bad smells  
anyway, living in those tiny caves with their sweaty brethren who  
haven't figured out how to forge toilet paper.

> 	The spells Wind Wall and Transmute Dust to Water would also  
be useful to a citadel (if they could find a mage with those spells).

	Aye, as they are on any spelljamming vessel.

	Now here's a REAL doozy of a question: Can "Lower Water" (or  
"part water" or whatever the Moses spell is, I forget.) be used to  
carve a hole through even PART of a water world, if the ship is going  
fast enough for the spell to be operational all the way through?



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