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From:     "Karl K. Northrup" <knorthrup@????.???.com>
Date:     Wed, 15 Dec 1993 13:08:27 -0500
Subject:  Re: More Arcane history

Yeah, I must of been tired of typing, but I was assuming that only one
society of Arcane made the mistake of opening the rift to the energy
planes.  Then once they found that they could get through this sargasso
and others could not, they decided to use it to best advantage.  The
Arcane, seeing that they had a monopoly on an outrageous new technology,
wanted to keep that technology secret from any possible competitors.
The Arcane formed the Guild, an organization that deals with outside
races for the sale/transfer of Spelljamming technology.  The Helms are the
cornerstone of this market, so they will never reveal how they work, how
they are made, etc....just how to use them to Spelljam.  But, to keep
people satisfied they let other technology filter out to the masses.
This may include spells and magic items that aid/assist a Spelljamming
Helm, or even the spells for creating a temporary helm.  Anyway, to keep
people from hunting down the Arcane home worlds to find out how to make
Helms, they work alone and if asked where Helms come from they mention
the Ancients.  This is not really a lie, because the concept came from
the ideas and work of the Ancients.  The actual implementation comes from
the Arcane, but other races don't need to know that.

So, this information has the Arcane making Helms on private home worlds
hidden behind the sargassos and other 'taboo' zones (someone mentioned
similar dead zones in the Flow...).  To market these items we have
individual Arcane, working alone and with mostly Neutral attitudes...
anyone with money can buy a helm.  Now, how do we communication supply
and demand.  If I am not mistaken the Flow has these mysterious buoys
that stand stationary in the Flow and allow reliable navigation if
given the right knowledge of where they are.  These buoys could be
equivalent to modern day Post Office Boxes.  The Arcane leave ledgers
of the sales and orders here to be included in the overall Arcane
machine.  Another possibility is that, given a large enough buoy (or
an extraplanar space within), the buoy is actually a storehouse of goods
to be sold.

Chew on that thought for a while and let me know how it tastes

Sir Kirkland      knorthrup@????.???.com

"If you smoke after sex you're doing it to fast..."

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