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From:     stefan kuypers <stef@?????.??.???.??.be>
Date:     Wed, 15 Dec 1993 11:17:14 -0500
Subject:  Re: The Arcane and Sargassos
Stuff deleted ...

>   Now, the Ancients had left behind a vast amount of magical knowledge and
> the Arcane started toying with the ideas therein.  But, not fully understanding
> the principles of the magic they mad a big mistake.  They open an rift to the
> energy planes and before they could close the gap a large area surrounding
> there planet had been transformed into the 'dead magic' sargasso.  Many
> generations went by, they learned from their mistake and also learned to
> get around the sargasso by way of the Gates the use today.  They also learned
> the way the Ancients traveled through the energy planes, but seeing no gain
> in traveling the energy planes they came up with a better idea.  Knowing
> that other planets of Ancients existed, the figured if they had a way to travel
> in Wildspace they could have a second way to get to these planets.  A new
> form of travel, one that would gain them some noteriety, and perhaps a market.
> Sound good?  Want more?  Any objections?  Modifications?
> Sir Kirkland      knorthrup@????.???.com
Sounds real good to me. I would like to add one thing to explain the fact that
there is more than one sargasso (It doesn't sound reasonable that all Arcane
societies made the same mistake). After being able to pass through the sargasso
by means of a gate and discovering the wildspace inhabitants, they decided
that it might be interesting to found new bases on other planets in other
spheres (this is really an on the fly idea, so it is still subject to any
modifications). So they decide that a sargasso would make the perfect defense
since it seems that they are the only ones currently being able to penetrate it.
That way they protect their knowledge so that other, more violent races can't
use it against them.



*** Life is what happens when you're busy planning something else ***

Stefan Kuypers (stef@??.???.??.be)

Previous Message: The Arcane and Sargassos
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Month Index: December, 1993

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