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Month Index: December, 1993

From:     "Karl K. Northrup" <knorthrup@????.???.com>
Date:     Tue, 14 Dec 1993 13:38:55 -0500
Subject:  Re: The Arcane and Sargassos
Many thousands of years ago, long before the rise of Spelljamming
we know it, the Ancients lived on out of the way planets in long
forgetten spheres.  These ancients had much magical knowledge,
(much like
the Forgotten Realms before the Anauroch Desert when Myth Drannor
was in
its golden years etc) they could travel from home world to home
via ships that traveled the energy planes (positive/negative). 
So caught
up in magical research and philosophy they needed servants.  They
and or enlisted the ancestors of the current day Arcane.  These
Arcane were lacking in magical abilities, but were hard workers
and good
with building, mundane technology (simple machines..pulleys,
levels, etc)
and made great servants.  The Arcane were not treated as slaves,
but more
like children/pets or simple minded creatures.  The years went on
and the
Arcane learned more and more from the Ancients, but still had a
long way to
go.  For whatever reason, the Ancients moved on or disappeared (a
story for
another time).  The Arcane, left behind by the Ancients, were now
forced to
fend for themselves.  No one was there to tell them what to do,
so they tried
and tried and learned how to take care of themselves (the
beginning of the
loner/rely only on yourself attitude that we see today).

  Now, the Ancients had left behind a vast amount of magical
knowledge and
the Arcane started toying with the ideas therein.  But, not fully
the principles of the magic they mad a big mistake.  They open an
rift to the
energy planes and before they could close the gap a large area
there planet had been transformed into the 'dead magic' sargasso. 
generations went by, they learned from their mistake and also
learned to
get around the sargasso by way of the Gates the use today.  They
also learned
the way the Ancients traveled through the energy planes, but
seeing no gain
in traveling the energy planes they came up with a better idea. 
that other planets of Ancients existed, the figured if they had a
way to travel
in Wildspace they could have a second way to get to these
planets.  A new
form of travel, one that would gain them some noteriety, and
perhaps a market.

So, the Arcane set about designing/making the Spelljaming Helm
that we know
today.  It uses some of the Ancients ideas about using the energy
planes as
a source of power, coupled with the power of standard magic to
provide focus
and direction.  Once designed and tested the first Arcane set out
from their
home world to explore and find the Ancients and show them the new
Instead of the Ancients the found all the rest of the worlds we

(pant, pant..)
Sound good?  Want more?  Any objections?  Modifications?

Sir Kirkland      knorthrup@????.???.com

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Month Index: December, 1993

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