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From:     vjg@????????.???.com
Date:     Tue, 14 Dec 1993 13:13:33 -0500
Subject:  Re: Arcane
Karl K. Northrup suggests:

> In wildspace there are the occassional sargassoes that
> vehicles avoid like the plague, because in many if not all of
> sargassoes Spelljamming Helms do not work.  I would hazard a
> that the reason for the Spelljamming Helm failure would be that
> someone is trying to hide something.  Namely the Arcane.  It is
> idea that inside these sargassoes the Arcane have bases/worlds
> they do their work.  How do the Arcane travel within a
sargasso, you
> ask.  Being masters of TechnoMagic devices they have items on
> person that allow some kind of motive force to propel their

I like this idea. If not Arcane, maybe something else hides in
Sargasso. Potentially something worse. Sounds like a premise for
epic adventure.

> As to the creation of Helms, maybe a process involving the
Energy Planes,
> positive or negative or both, is worked out within these
sargassoes where
> the destruction powers of these planes fails to work (i.e. the
> helm doesn't work here either).

Daring to rip off a "science" fiction show, I can envision a
destruction of positive and negative material from the opposing
to generate the magical forces needed to move a ship (aka the 
antimatter generators in Star Trek). The spelljammer's
mind acts as the "dilithium crystal" that controls the reaction
directs the energy produced into useful motive force. That could
why some magical devices can take the place of or boost the power
of a
spelljammer; they have the channels built into them to control
the flows
of positive/negative material and channel the energy. In theory,
could be devices built along the same principles as a helm that
have other purposes (a planet killer or crystal sphere smasher?).

-Vince Guinto

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Month Index: December, 1993

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