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From:     The future's not all it's cracked up to be <JDELISLE@??????.edu>
Date:     Tue, 14 Dec 1993 11:46:48 -0500
Subject:  Re: SJ: Re: Arcane
>In wildspace there are the occassional sargassoes that Spelljamming
>vehicles avoid like the plague, because in many if not all of these
>sargassoes Spelljamming Helms do not work.  I would hazard a guess
>that the reason for the Spelljamming Helm failure would be that
>someone is trying to hide something.  Namely the Arcane.  It is my
>idea that inside these sargassoes the Arcane have bases/worlds where
>they do their work.  

	I wouldn't assume that all are Arcane-created; in the Realmspace
sphere sargassos may have been caused by the Time of Troubles, for 

>How do the Arcane travel within a sargasso, you
>ask.  Being masters of TechnoMagic devices they have items on there
>person that allow some kind of motive force to propel their ships.

	Or with their superior navigation skills, they're able to 
calculate a direct path to their destination, taking into account 
planetary rotation,etc. Once they know where they're going and how to 
enter, they just have the ship fly at full SR into the Sargasso and drift 
unpowered until they reach their base.

>As to the creation of Helms, maybe a process involving the Energy Planes,
>positive or negative or both, is worked out within these sargassoes where
>the destruction powers of these planes fails to work (i.e. the finished
>helm doesn't work here either).

	The Sargasso could be "hollow"; the center of the sargasso is not 
anti-magical, so the Arcanes' magics still work. The sargassos are just a 
defensive mechanism, or a result of the Arcane using so much magical 
energy that the surrounding area becomes magicall "dead".

>As to the Air/water for a Dwarven Citadel, they work just like any other
>Spelljamming vehicle.  They must visit planets with good air and water.

	The spells Wind Wall and Transmute Dust to Water would also be
useful to a citadel (if they could find a mage with those spells).

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